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The View of Therapy

Life can be challenging. You might be struggling with your relationships, managing daily stressors or something just feels fundamentally off. Perhaps old patterns have finally reached a breaking point. It might arise in the form of depression, anxiety, trauma, destructive habits, an existential crisis, spiritual issues or just feeling stuck when we know more is possible. You might be able to make it through the day, but there are times when these experiences can destabilize one’s life. Whether you are starting to address these sorts of struggles before it has become a crisis or in desperate need of support, I'm here to help.


Evolution is built on entropy and our work is utilizing your struggles to connect to your capacity for healing, transformation and cultivate a life that is worth living. By meeting what is arising with openness and acceptance, we paradoxically begin to address it with more clarity, compassion and skillfulness. Doing so can lead transformation, some of which might look like getting insight into the causes and conditions of your suffering, learning new ways of relating to yourself, releasing burdens you are carrying, developing new regulation strategies, practicing relational skills, as well as identifying when a situation may not be the right fit for you anymore.

 As social beings, humans need each other. This is true for myself, both when I seek and offer support. Witnessing the insight, healing and transformation of my clients has been deeply rewarding and I hope to be a part of yours as well.


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